With the 2020 TCR Championship already under wraps courtesy of the eleven race wins by Tyler Maxson, Copeland Motorsports heads to Indianapolis Motor Speedway with two Hyundai drivers. While Maxson will lead the way in TCR and Floridian Tyler Gonzalez looks to add to his win total and climb the point standings in the TCA category, the duo will compete in the final event weekend of the Touring Car America program at one of the world’s most legendary facilities.

“The goal is simple, win,” expressed Copeland Motorsports’ Dean Copeland. “Both Tylers have shown great speed all year long and if it wasn’t for some bad luck on the Tyler Gonzalez front, I am confident that we would have claimed two more championships this year.”

Competing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), Copeland Motorsports is no stranger to the facility. Taking on the famed Speedway, the Maryland based program has won races at IMS in the past in different race programs.

Copeland continued, “Nothing from our past will help us this weekend. This is our first trip to Indy with the Hyundai brand so we will start with a clean slate. I know we have a good baseline setup and will fine tune throughout the weekend to make it count when it matters most.”

With practice getting underway on Thursday, October 1, qualifying and the first wheel-to-wheel action will take place on Friday before racing continues throughout the event weekend. Sharing the venue with both the NTT IndyCar Series and the International GT Challenge, track time will be at a premium as teams and competitors aim for results in front of a worldwide audience.

Photos: Jeff Walrich Media